Does Your Dog Eat Kittens For Breakfast?

Train your Dog to Obey Your Commands and Have More Fun - Without the Stress and Expense of Finding a Dog Trainer

  • Does she bark too much?
  • Does he pull on the leash?
  • Does she dig all the time?
  • Does he jump on strangers?
  • Does she suffer from anxiety?

Address the root causes of your dog's misbehaviour.

Learn force-free and gentle techniques, backed by the latest studies in behavioural science.

Promote strong and loving bonds, positive emotions instead of fearful ones.

Meet Adrienne Farricelli, certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant whose force-free and fun-filled approach to dog training has won her praise and accolades from even the most challenging clients.

I have an Australian Shepherd. He's brilliant, loving, playful - and willfully disobedient! I hired 3 different trainers, took him to school and despite 100's of dollars and plenty of driving, I couldn't change the 1 problem: he will only obey when he wants to. This can cause unnecessary headaches. 

I wish I had known then what I know now and had taken Ms. Farricelli's classes giving me more time to spend playing, less time to spend worrying but YOU can do this and enjoy a fully stress-free loving relationship with your dog.

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