About Us

Health Fit Place is a community of Health Lovers who embody, cherish and celebrate Health by holding space for one another!

Team HFP is dedicated to helping you make health and wellness choices that best fit your lifestyle, your body, and your mindset. We promote a community of health enthusiasts who know there is no such thing as 1 size fits all – all programs, goals, routines have to be tailored to you the individual.

Health - Your Way is our collective mantra

Our team comes from across the world, North America to South East Asia, treading the same tracks as You:

~ How to parent and nurture with joy,

~ how to help my uncle with diabetes and my father in-law with Alzheimer,

~ how to win the marathon,

~ how to lose that body fat,

~ how to heal my aching knees? And, of course, for one of us in particular

~ how do I mask the regal splendor of my perfect dog so he can just blend in?

Mixing East with West, we bring to you relevant tips, tools, hacks, latest health and wellness must-knows.

Not just that, you might stumble upon a splutter of stories, streaks of laughter, tales of achievements and toils of personal struggles - spread throughout our Blog and exclusive Newsletters.